Pixie Studio is a professional pixel editor for iOS


Palette based pixel editing allows you to easily change a color across all layers and frames of a sprite, and is based on IDs instead of indexed so you can rearrange your palette however you want.

A modern multitouch canvas that can be panned, zoomed and rotated at will.

Full alpha support on layers and per pixel.

Full featured frame based animation. Each sprite file can contain multiple animations, so you can build an entire game character in a single file. Easily scrub through frames by dragging the frame panel.

Realtime Preview
Immediately see your pixel and animation changes while you’re editing, with a repositionable and resizable preview window.

Every frame can have multiple layers with alpha. Shared and Background layers let you easily animate layers across frames. Image Reference layers for when you want to trace something from your photo library.

Tile your art on the canvas and paint across seams.

Pencil support on iPad Pro for perfect palm rejection. In Pencil mode, only the Pencil will draw, while your fingers can still zoom and pan the canvas.

One app supports iPad, iPad Pro, iPhone, and iPhone X with full feature parity across all versions.

Pixie Studio uses Metal to support silky smooth 60FPS. On the new iPad Pros, it supports Promotion at 120FPS.

Select areas and move, flip, copy or paste them.

Paint or erase with symmetry in the X or Y axis.

Export PNG animation strips for use in game engines, and animated GIFs to show your friends.

iCloud Drive
Realtime iCloud Drive syncing of all files, so when you edit on your iPad you will quickly see it on your Mac. Exporting to your computer has never been easier!

I want Pixel Edit Pro to be the ultimate pixel editor, and am not stopping here. I am continually adding new features, and listen to any feedback I get.


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